X Timeshares Review (BBB and Cost)

X Timeshares Review (BBB and Cost)

X Timeshare Review

X Timeshares is a timeshare exit company that aims to help timeshare owners cancel their contracts and get out of their timeshare commitments. The company, which was founded in 2019 and is located in Irvine, CA, claims to be able to assist timeshare owners in legally canceling their timeshare contracts. However, upon closer examination of the company’s website, there are several red flags that raise concerns about the company’s legitimacy and practices.

Is X Timeshare legit?

Firstly, the company has stolen copyrighted content from other websites, as seen on their homepage with the statement, “Legal timeshare cancellation is easier in 2018 than it used to be. Many resorts have opened “take-back” programs that allow distressed timeshare owners to give their timeshare back to the resort developer. These programs are not available to all, but they are a good start.” This raises questions about the company’s integrity and their ability to provide original and accurate information to their potential customers.

Furthermore, the company’s website contains misleading statements. For instance, X Timeshares plays on customer emotions by suggesting that their children will be stuck with the timeshare if it is not cancelled. However, this is not entirely true as there are various options available to timeshare owners to prevent children from inheriting the timeshare upon a parent’s death. An estate attorney should be able to assist with this. Additionally, the company states that “most timeshare exits do not need the intervention of a lawyer.” This implies that X Timeshares does not use lawyers to assist with timeshare cancellation, but it is unclear if this is the case.

X Timeshare Fake Reviews

The company also appears to use fake customer reviews on their website. The reviews may be real, but X Timeshares has chosen to use stock photography images to represent each review. This means the company purchased the images rather than obtaining legitimate images from the customers that wrote the review. This can be problematic in some states as falsifying testimonials can be a felony.

Additionally, X Timeshares states on their website that 85% of all timeshare buyers regret their purchase, but this quote has no source, raising questions about the accuracy of the statement. Furthermore, the company’s “Check Eligibility” survey is not actually checking eligibility, instead it’s just a form asking for your name, phone number and email address after you submit your information, the company gives you a disclaimer stating that you are giving X Timeshares permission to share your information with its 8 other marketing partners, which raises the question of whether the company actually cancels timeshares or just sells your data to other companies.

X Timeshares advertising is mostly seen on Facebook, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but larger timeshare exit companies typically advertise in a few different outlets. The company has more than 50 reviews on the Better Business Bureau, but the reviews appear to be mostly positive, but as a newer company the track record is not very long.

X Timeshare Final Thoughts

In conclusion, X Timeshares appears to be a questionable timeshare exit company with several red flags, such as stolen copyrighted content, misleading statements, fake customer reviews, and unclear business practices. Potential customers should exercise caution when considering this company and thoroughly research any timeshare exit company before making a decision.

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