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Make sure the price aligns with the exit solution. 


If the exit company has a complaint on the BBB, did they resolve it as soon as possible. 


Will you receive a detailed roadmap and will you have a dedicated case specialist throughout the exit process. 


Make sure the company offers a no-upfront escrow fee option. 

No reselling of information

Some websites/companies will resell your information in order to make a profit. We advise to proceed with caution and make sure you ask detail questions. 

Can’t buy your reviews and can’t purchase rankings or ranking level

Some exit companies will pay certain review websites to be ranked higher. If that is the case, make sure the review site has a disclaimer and explains how the business operates. 

Resolved resolutions

Make sure the exit company you are working with has numerous testimonials and proof of timeshare owners exiting their timeshare contract.  

Bbb rating

Make sure the exit company you are working with has an A+ rating and a certified BBB accreditation. 

Trust pilot rating

Trustpilot is a great platform to find client testimonials. If you search “Timeshare exit companies” on Trustpilot, you’ll the find the highest rated company on there. 


Make sure there are client testimonials on different platforms such as YouTube, Trustpilot, BBB, and Google Reviews. 

Referral based companies – high ranking tool

Reputable exit companies will only work with referral-based clients, not by purchasing information and selling their services. 

Ratio of Negative and positive reviews

Always make sure the positives outweigh the negatives. If there are negative reviews, read carefully and make sure they are not spam. 

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