What Happens if you Walk Away From Timeshare Maintenance Fees

What Happens if you Walk Away From Timeshare Maintenance Fees

Walk away from timeshare maintenance fees- You must evaluate various extreme cancellation choices when looking for a way out of a timeshare transaction. Finding an easy way out will be challenging if you’ve already been involved in the procedure for some time. 

If your rescission period has passed, you cannot give your timeshare back through a deed-back program, and the timeshare resale market needs to be fixed for you. You may be considering more extreme measures for escaping ownership, such as skipping out on paying your maintenance fees. 

This is because your rescission period has passed, you are unable to give your timeshare back through a deed-back program, and the timeshare resale If you are curious about what occurs if you fail to pay the maintenance costs associated with your timeshare, you should know that the outcomes are rarely positive. 

Your timeshare business will pursue legal action against you, you could get into legal problems, your credit score will take a significant hit, and at the absolute least, you’ll be accountable for paying even more late fees if you don’t pay on time.

What Happens If Timeshare Maintenance Fees Are Not Paid?

You’re likely familiar with late fees like this if you’ve ever been late with a payment for your rent or a credit card statement. In addition, if you are experiencing extreme financial hardship, causing you to want to completely walk away from your timeshare, these additional costs seem like the least of your problems. 

However, this is only the information regarding the total amount of expenditures you will be accountable for paying if you are late with your payment. Here are four significant repercussions that might result from failing to pay timeshare maintenance fees:

Expect Countless Phone Calls

You may be sure that your timeshare resort will take note if you cease paying the maintenance costs associated with your property. Your timeshare corporation wants every bit of the payment you make to them, even though they have thousands of other clients. 

Because, in principle, these missing payments might force them to fall behind on paying for landscaping, unit upgrades, and other specific assessments necessary for a resort’s maintenance. 

Therefore, as soon as you avoid paying the annual maintenance payments, the developer of your timeshare will make repeated attempts to contact you through phone, email, or regular mail. Their doggedness may sometimes get on your nerves, but it’s nothing compared to the tenacity with which collection agencies pursue debtors. 

If you continue to ignore calls from the management firm of your timeshare, they will turn the account over to a collection agency, which will call you more frequently and send you more letters asking that you pay them the money owed. 

If you consistently disregard their requests, a negative remark will be added to your credit report, which will remain for several years, and your credit score will deteriorate as a result. If you are in this predicament, your best option is negotiating a settlement rather than try to get out of your financial obligations.

You Risk Timeshare Foreclosure

Owners of timeshares who are behind in paying the annual maintenance costs associated with their ownership eventually lose access to their units. They cannot use the online booking system, and if they are members of an exchange program, they will not be able to swap for new holiday destinations. 

In the same way, homeowners risk losing their homes if they do not keep up with their mortgage payments, and timeshare owners can lose their properties if they miss enough payments. If there is a foreclosure in the timeshare business, your timeshare contract will be rendered null and void, and the developer will sell the property to a new buyer. 

After that, you’ll have to figure out how you will pay back the money to your lender or the company that owns your timeshare, depending on who holds your mortgage debt. There is also a possibility that you will be held responsible for a deficit judgment, but this would depend on the location of your timeshare. 

A foreclosure has enormous repercussions on both your credit score and your capacity to buy property in the fortune; in addition to the possibility of incurring large debt and stress, these repercussions can also be expected.

Timeshare Company will Pursue Legal Redress

When your timeshare costs go unpaid, the company that owns your timeshare has the legal right to seek legal action. If this happens, you will be needed to make an appearance in court and explain why you have not been paying the required maintenance costs. 

Suppose you are unable to defend yourself in court adequately. In that case, the corporation that owns your timeshare has the legal right to bring money out of your stakes account, withhold money from your income, or put a lien on any property you own. 

Going to court will consume both your time and your resources. Regardless of the verdict, it is hands down about your guilt or innocence. You will be responsible for paying the legal fees and the fees charged by the law firm you hire to represent you. When a judgment is rendered against you in court, it will, once again, negatively influence your credit report and credit score.

Credit Score Will Go Down

You already know that a considerable reduction in your recognition score is one of the numerous disastrous effects that may occur if you do not pay the timeshare maintenance costs that are due regularly. 

Not only do interactions with collection agencies, foreclosure, and court appearances appear on your credit report, but they also affect your credit score. They have the potential to lower your score by around 150 points. 

The result of having your credit score reduced is not a desirable one for a variety of different reasons. If you have an insufficient credit score, it will be more challenging to qualify for credit cards and acquire loans for expensive purchases such as automobiles, college tuition, and real estate. 

If you can get a loan, it will come with higher interest rates, costing you more money in the long run. If you can get a loan, good luck. If you believe paying your maintenance fees is a waste of money, think about how much more you will waste if you have a bad credit score.


Your timeshare ownership will eventually be terminated if you cannot pay the annual maintenance costs. While this is the result you are ultimately looking for, there are better options than canceling your timeshare through these means. 

You run the risk of having to pay additional late fees, being subjected to endless phone calls from collection agencies, going into foreclosure, appearing in court, or, above all else, having a significant hit taken to your credit score, which can have an effect on your finances and make it impossible for you to obtain loans in the future.

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