Transferring or Gifting Your Timeshare: A Guide to Passing It On

Transferring or Gifting Your Timeshare: A Guide to Passing It On

For timeshare owners who no longer wish to keep their ownership, transferring or gifting the timeshare to someone else can be a viable option. In this article, we’ll explore the process of transferring or gifting your timeshare, including the steps involved, the potential benefits, and important considerations.

1. Understanding Timeshare Transfer

Transferring a timeshare involves legally changing ownership from one individual or entity to another. The new owner, often called the transferee, assumes all rights and obligations associated with the timeshare.

2. Identifying Potential Recipients

Before proceeding with the transfer, you’ll need to identify someone willing to take over your timeshare. This could be a family member, friend, or someone you know. Alternatively, you can explore services that match timeshare owners looking to transfer with potential recipients.

3. Consult the Resort or Developer

Reach out to the timeshare resort or developer to understand their policies and requirements for timeshare transfers. They may have specific guidelines and fees associated with the process.

4. Review Your Contract

Review your timeshare contract to check for any clauses related to transfers or gifting. Some contracts may have restrictions or conditions that need to be met for a transfer to be approved.

5. Gather Necessary Documentation

To facilitate the transfer, you’ll need to gather and complete specific documentation, which may include:

  • Transfer application forms provided by the resort or developer.
  • Proof of identity for both the transferor and transferee.
  • Any required fees or payments.
  • Any outstanding maintenance fees or dues must be settled.

6. Initiate the Transfer Process

Once you have all the necessary documentation and approvals in place, you can initiate the transfer process. This typically involves submitting the required paperwork to the resort or developer.

7. Review and Approval

The resort or developer will review the transfer application and ensure that all obligations, such as maintenance fees, are up to date. Once approved, the transfer is processed.

8. Transfer Fees

Be prepared for potential transfer fees, which can vary widely depending on the resort or developer. Some resorts may charge a flat fee, while others calculate the fee based on factors like the size of the timeshare unit or the resort’s policies.

9. Transfer Completion

Upon approval and payment of any fees, the transfer is completed, and the new owner officially assumes ownership of the timeshare. You will be relieved of your obligations and responsibilities related to the property.

10. Post-Transfer Considerations

After the transfer is complete, it’s essential to inform the resort or developer of the change in ownership, ensuring that future communications, billing, and maintenance fee invoices are directed to the new owner.

Benefits of Transferring or Gifting Your Timeshare

  • Relief from financial obligations: Transferring the timeshare can relieve you of future maintenance fees and ownership responsibilities.
  • Helping a loved one: Gifting your timeshare to a family member or friend can be a generous and thoughtful gesture, allowing them to enjoy vacations at the property.
  • Avoiding exit fees: Transferring the timeshare within the resort’s policies may be more cost-effective than using timeshare exit companies.

Considerations and Cautions

  • Contract review: Always review your timeshare contract carefully to understand any restrictions, requirements, or conditions related to transfers.
  • Fees and costs: Be prepared for potential transfer fees and ensure you have a clear understanding of the financial implications.
  • Choose a reliable recipient: If gifting the timeshare, select a recipient who genuinely wants and can afford the property. Misunderstandings or financial disputes can arise if the recipient isn’t fully committed.


Transferring or gifting your timeshare can be an effective way to relieve yourself of ownership while benefiting a family member or friend. However, the process can be complex and requires careful adherence to resort or developer policies. By understanding the steps involved and potential considerations, you can make an informed decision about transferring or gifting your timeshare.

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