Transferring or Gifting Your Timeshare: A Guide to Passing It On

Transferring or Gifting Your Timeshare: A Guide to Passing It On

For timeshare owners who no longer wish to retain their ownership, transferring or gifting the timeshare to someone else can be an alternative solution. In this article, we’ll explore the process of transferring or gifting a timeshare, providing a comprehensive guide for owners looking to pass on their timeshare commitment.

1. Assess Your Decision to Transfer or Gift

Before initiating the transfer or gifting process, carefully assess your decision. Consider the reasons for wanting to part ways with your timeshare and ensure that transferring or gifting aligns with your goals and preferences.

2. Understand Resort Policies

Different timeshare resorts may have varying policies and procedures for transferring or gifting ownership. Review the terms and conditions outlined in your timeshare contract and contact the resort to obtain detailed information about their specific requirements.

3. Identify Potential Recipients

Decide on the individual or individuals to whom you want to transfer or gift your timeshare. This could be a family member, friend, or someone else who has expressed interest in taking over the ownership.

4. Obtain Consent from the Resort

Contact the resort and obtain their consent for the transfer or gift. Some resorts may have specific criteria that must be met, and they may require documentation from both the current owner and the recipient.

5. Confirm Financial Obligations

Ensure that all financial obligations, such as maintenance fees and outstanding payments, are up-to-date before initiating the transfer or gift. Resolving any outstanding financial matters will facilitate a smoother transition.

6. Prepare Necessary Documentation

Gather all necessary documentation required by the resort for the transfer or gift process. This may include a formal letter of request, proof of identity for both parties, and any other documentation specified by the resort.

7. Facilitate the Transfer Process

If the resort approves the transfer, follow their specified process to complete the transfer. This may involve submitting the required documentation, paying any associated fees, and adhering to a specific timeline.

8. Gift Process Considerations

If you are gifting the timeshare, the process may be similar to the transfer process. However, additional considerations may arise, such as ensuring the recipient is aware of and willing to accept the timeshare gift.

9. Communicate Openly with Recipients

Maintain open communication with the individuals to whom you are transferring or gifting the timeshare. Ensure they are fully informed about the terms and conditions of the ownership, including any ongoing financial obligations.

10. Post-Transfer Follow-Up

After the transfer or gift is complete, follow up with the recipients to ensure a smooth transition. Address any questions or concerns they may have and provide them with relevant information about the timeshare.


Transferring or gifting a timeshare can be a viable option for owners looking to pass on their ownership. By carefully assessing the decision, understanding resort policies, obtaining consent, confirming financial obligations, preparing necessary documentation, facilitating the transfer process, considering gift process considerations, communicating openly with recipients, and conducting post-transfer follow-up, owners can successfully navigate the process of passing on their timeshare commitment to others.

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