Titan Exit Group Review (BBB and Cost)

Titan Exit Group Review (BBB and Cost)

Titan Exit Group Review

Titan Exit Group is a timeshare termination service located in Costa Mesa, California that has been in operation since 2019. They claim to offer relief to unhappy timeshare owners by helping them to cancel their contracts and reduce their fees. However, upon conducting a thorough review of their website, it is apparent that it falls short in terms of professionalism.

The website’s design, including the use of stock photography, does not align with the legal services the company offers. Additionally, the information provided on the website is limited and not detailed enough. The initial statement on the website is a bit kitschy and claims that they take care of everything legally, ethically and forever. However, the way to reach the contact page is not professional, as you have to click on a small tab that says, ‘how do I get out’.

The website’s general appearance is not the worst seen, but it definitely does not give off a professional appearance. The font and stock photo choices do not align with the professional and legal nature of the business, cheapening the overall effect. The company also claims to have been featured on Fox News, Fox Business and CNN, but there is no verifiable evidence to support these claims. The landing page has a video included to provide more information about why you would contact them, but the rest of the landing page is mostly fluff and doesn’t provide much information on their business process.

Titan Exit Group claims to investigate your case, advocate for the cancellation of your contract, and then they resolve the issue for you. However, if you are looking for further information, the website only shows a few of their blogs on the landing page, and the only other information you’ll find on their landing page is their contact information, contact sheet to get in touch for the free consultation, and their headquarters address.

If you navigate to the ‘how do I get out’ section, they only mention why someone would get a timeshare and why you might want to get rid of it. They describe timeshares as money pits that don’t have any resale value and that it can be incredibly overwhelming to hold onto one of them. They claim that they are the best chance to get free from your timeshare without the hassle and pain that some timeshare exit services or attorneys might put you through.

If you’re hoping to learn more about Titan Exit Group in their ‘about us’ section, you aren’t going to find anything helpful. Even on their Better Business Bureau page, you’ll only find their contact information and there’s very little to back up their credibility. We don’t typically recommend timeshare exit services that don’t have much information about their credentials on their website or their Better Business Bureau profile.

Overall, the website of Titan Exit Group leaves much to be desired and the company fails to provide enough information to back up their claims. The design, information provided, and lack of verifiable evidence of their credibility raise concerns about the effectiveness of their services.

Titan Exit Group Reviews

Titan Exit Group is a timeshare termination service that claims to offer relief to unhappy timeshare owners. However, when looking for testimonials to help make a decision about whether to use the service, it can be difficult to find them. The company has no active reviews on their Better Business Bureau profile, and other than the reviews on their website from satisfied customers, there isn’t much else to go on.

They do technically have an A rating from the BBB and are accredited by them, but there is nothing to back this up for potential clients to look at. While the company may have testimonials from happy customers on their website, these reviews tend to lack substance and credibility. Any timeshare exit service can post reviews on their website and claim they are legitimate, even if they aren’t.

While the lack of information about the company’s ownership and management may not make them a scam, potential clients should be cautious when deciding to contact the group for help exiting their timeshare. Without any information on a LinkedIn or their BBB profile, it can be risky to contact a company that essentially has no presence.

Navigating the exit from a timeshare is difficult enough without having to field spam calls and emails from a company that is not wanted. Without any research to be done, it is best to proceed.

Titan Exit Group Final Thoughts

Titan Exit Group raises several red flags in this review. Their website is outdated and does not provide any substantial information about their services or credentials. They also lack information about who runs the company, which is concerning when considering the legal work and personal information that will be involved.

Furthermore, their FAQ section is inadequate and does not provide any additional information about their services. The lack of information and reviews makes it difficult to gauge the credibility of the company. While this does not necessarily indicate that they are a scam, it is important to conduct your own research and consider other options before making a decision.

It is also worth noting that there are other timeshare exit companies that provide more information and reviews about their services, and it may be beneficial to consider these options before making a decision. In conclusion, while Titan Exit Group may offer the services you are looking for, the lack of information and reviews raises concerns about their credibility, and it is important to proceed with caution and consider other options before hiring them.

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