Timeshare Exit company lawsuits

Timeshare Exit company lawsuits

Diamond Resorts International, a timeshare company, has filed several lawsuits against timeshare exit companies in recent years. Here are some examples:

  1. In 2019, Diamond Resorts filed a lawsuit against Newton Group Transfers, a timeshare exit company, accusing the company of engaging in deceptive trade practices and false advertising. The lawsuit alleged that Newton Group Transfers falsely claimed that it could help customers get out of their timeshare contracts, and charged exorbitant fees for its services.
  2. In 2020, Diamond Resorts filed a lawsuit against another timeshare exit company, Castle Law Group, alleging that the company operated a fraudulent timeshare exit scheme that deceived Diamond Resorts’ customers into signing up for its services.
  3. In the same year, Diamond Resorts filed a lawsuit against a third timeshare exit company, Allied Solutions Group, accusing the company of engaging in fraudulent and deceptive practices, including falsely claiming to have a relationship with Diamond Resorts and charging excessive fees for its services.

It’s worth noting that Diamond Resorts is not the only timeshare company that has filed lawsuits against timeshare exit companies. Other major timeshare companies, such as Wyndham and Marriott, have also taken legal action against exit companies that they believe engage in deceptive or fraudulent practices.

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