Omni Ellis Review/Scam

Omni Ellis Review/Scam

Omni Ellis was a timeshare exit company based in San Francisco, California, that claimed to help owners get rid of their timeshare ownership. The company had been in operation since 2015 but filed bankruptcy and left many Timeshare owners is the dark. There were many red flags from the get-go, the company had claimed heirs would inherit the timeshare when an owner dies, which is a common scare tactic used by timeshare exit companies. In reality, heirs have the option to refuse the timeshare.

Reviews of Omni Ellis on the Better Business Bureau website were mostly negative, with over 66 complaints. Some customers mentioned attending an in-person presentation by an Omni Ellis employee that was informative and professional. However, many customers claimed to have paid an upfront fee, which we do not recommend paying an upfront fee. Due to the risk of the company going out of business and not refunding the fee.

Overall, Omni Ellis is an example of the fraudulent exit companies out there and we always advise to proceed with caution working with any timeshare exit company that charges an upfront fee. As a timeshare owner, you must do your due diligence and avoid exit companies that try to pressure you to exit your contract right up front. Instead, we recommend exploring options for cancelling a timeshare with an escrow option and use attorneys during the timeshare cancellation process.

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