Legacy Exit Group Review

Legacy Exit Group Review

Legacy Exit Group Review

Legacy Exit Group is a timeshare exit company based in Scottsdale, AZ. The company started their operation back in November of 2014, however the just received their BBB accreditation of March 2023. The company claims to have been cancelling timeshare contracts since 2014 but we have some questions about their history. Our team has done an in-depth review of Legacy Exit Group and listed the company’s pros and cons for those considering hiring them for their timeshare cancellation. We believe there are important tips that every timeshare owner should be aware of before working with any exit company. If you wish to find the best exit company for your specific timeshare situation, fill out the form on the right to receive a personalized consultation.

Legacy Exit Group Paid PR Media Pages

Here are a few things to mention about Legacy Exit Group. One positive aspect is they only recommend working with attorneys that specialize in timeshare contracts. However, here is where things become questionable for Legacy Exit Group. Any company that claims they have in house attorneys is a way to create urgency for timeshare owners to sign up for their services. They also have paid multiple media articles that were published on the same date: March 2nd 2023 specifically. Also a recent accreditation for the BBB was given to the company this year, along with no reviews on the BBB whatsoever.

There are also some bold claims made by the company. It is unclear how a company with such a small track record can confidently make these statements. We went on their homepage and found tv networks such as CBS, FOX and NBC. However, we found no ties or correlation with Legacy Exit Group whatsoever. Feel free to google to double check if Legacy Exit Group is connected with any of these TV Networks. Additionally, we have questions about how the company determines the price of their services based on the amount of work they deem is necessary. This could potentially lead to inconsistency in pricing.

Final Statement on Legacy Exit Group

With only being in business for a few years there’s only so much we can write about Legacy Exit Group. We advise you to proceed with caution when considering working with the company. It is important to carefully research and consider multiple options before signing a contract with any timeshare exit company. It may be advisable to consider other, more established companies before making a decision.

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