How to Write a Timeshare Cancellation Letter

How to Write a Timeshare Cancellation Letter

Timeshare Cancellation Letter- It is possible to break out of a timeshare contract, freeing oneself from the burden of onerous fees and stringent obligations. When you finally sell your timeshare, you’ll have the freedom to go whenever and whenever you like.

But let’s start from the beginning. Sending a letter to the corporation that owns your timeshare is the first step in canceling your membership. Let’s look at some helpful hints for preparing a letter of cancellation for your timeshare. 

When it arrives at your timeshare, it’s the moment to take an activity if you’ve reached the point where you can no longer take it. But pause for a moment before you send out that lengthy letter. 

Take an instant to relax by taking a few deep breaths, gathering your thoughts, and then beginning to compose your letter. The procedure is as follows.

The Procedure for Writing Timeshare Cancellation Letter

Get Your Cancellation Request in Writing

You are unable to skip over this stage. You should purchase a folder to save all the paperwork about your timeshare cancellation. 

You’re going to require it in the future. Your cancellation request isn’t an email. Your timeshare provider will want a letter typed, printed off, and then mailed to them. Save a copy of this for your reference.

Include Straightforwardly and Concisely Request

You must make it quite apparent that you are writing to terminate your timeshare. You have yet to accomplish being a jerk, but you must be clear about what you want. 

In the subject line of your letter (yes, printed letters can also have subject lines), you should write something along the lines of “Request to Cancel Timeshare” or “Timeshare Cancellation Request.” 

You must make your desire clear within the body of your letter as quickly as is humanly feasible. It should be done in the very first phrase or two. Completing this procedure will take time; thus, you should do as much as possible to help yourself along the road. 

Don’t dance about the issue; go to the nature of the case. You may say, “I am writing to seek immediate termination of my timeshare agreement,” or “This letter is a formal request to terminate my timeshare contract immediately.” Both of these would be appropriate ways to begin.

Avoid Unconvincing or Uncertain Wording

You don’t have to be rude or pushy, but you should be direct and sure of yourself. These individuals are highly skilled. They can quickly identify somebody who is on the fence about anything. 

Avoid phrases like maybe, hoping, wondering, if, and possible. None of these factors point to you as being the person who can be persuaded to remain; that person is someone else.

Make a List of Essential Particulars

The individual who receives your timeshare cancellation letter is tasked with discouraging you from canceling your timeshare. Uncomplicated and direct. It is up to you to ensure you provide all the information they require to keep your request as we advance. 

They will take great pleasure that you have neglected to include important details. That gives them more time to either ignore you or try to persuade you to stay. 

Don’t provide them with the chance to succeed! Be sure to incorporate the following information in the letter you send to terminate your timeshare membership:

  • The name of the timeshare as it appears on your purchase agreement
  • The name of the party who has the contract.
  • The number of the contract
  • The date of the acquisition
  • Your membership card or number.

Use bullet points, bold the relevant elements, and avoid burying this vital information amid a phrase or paragraph. Once more, it would be best if you strived to be as explicit as possible.

Set Expectations

Timeshare firms make money by tricking customers into purchasing inferior packages that lose value more quickly than automobiles. When you try to leave, they intend to keep you there.

Indicate in your letter that you are not interested in any ownership opportunities, including resale, beneficiary transfer, or any others that may arise. They will use one of these strategies to sway your opinion. 

Don’t give in to the trap! Indicate that you anticipate a reply to be sent to you within a month by registered or certified mail confirming that they have received your letter.

All Correspondence Sent Through Certified Mail

Refrain from believing what these timeshare businesses say when they inform you that they have yet to receive your mail. 

Send everything via certified mail so that you can be sure they got your request. This will give you peace of mind. Carry on in the same manner with any subsequent correspondence necessary during the cancellation process.

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up Too High

We would love to tell you that simply sending in a timeshare cancellation letter will solve all your problems, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Regrettably, it is the initial step required to start the process of freeing yourself from the shackles of a timeshare corporation. 

You should be prepared for a minimum of 6 months of rear and forths, but we’ve seen folks go at it for as much as three years at a time. Despite this, you should keep doing should keep going! Once you’re out, you’re free.

Do Not Attempt It On Your Own

Although writing a letter canceling your timeshare is an excellent place to start, you should focus on something other than getting yourself to the finish line. Instead, establish connections with reputable industry professionals who aim to take on unscrupulous timeshare firms. 

They are familiar with all the ploys these businesses will attempt and the best way to end them. Imagine how much better that margarita at sunset would taste when you get to sip it on your terms instead of someone else’s.


Ensure that this letter is delivered by registered or certified mail so that you have evidence that the recipient(s) of the cancellation letter did so within the allotted time frame for rescinding the agreement. 

To expedite the cancellation procedure, you can send the letter through e-mail or fax instead of traditional mail. However, it is still required to send the letter using certified mail to demonstrate that it was received within the rescission period and was not misplaced.

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