Guide: How Do Timeshare Exit Companies Work?

Guide: How Do Timeshare Exit Companies Work?

How Do Timeshare Exit Companies Work- Every year, thousands of people become owners of timeshares by purchasing contracts that are good for their lives. Consequently, many individuals second-guess their choice when they need more time to quit their timeshare contract. 

They cannot pursue timeshare resale since their timeshare firm would not release them from their obligations and cannot sell their timeshare. At this point, the final remaining option for getting out of the timeshare is to get the assistance of a timeshare exit firm. 

However, how exactly do timeshare exit firms function? When you’re over your head with timeshare debt, it might feel as if you have no choice but to grab the first life raft that comes along, no matter what. 

The remedies for timeshare debt can be just as troublesome as the timeshare corporations themselves can be when they engage in exploitative behavior. One of them is the attorney who helps people cancel their timeshares. 

Timeshare attorneys will tell you that they know the most effective approach to bring you out of your timeshare agreement, but there are better choices than this one in most cases. Timeshare attorneys do not want their clients to be aware of the following information regarding exit businesses for timeshares. 

Exit firms for timeshares provide services to help owners sell or get out of their investments in timeshares. In most cases, they will have a team of dedicated attorneys solely working on your case. 

Both the cost of services and the results might be very different. Exit firms for timeshares typically provide customers with guaranteed “exits” and cancellations.

How Do Timeshare Exit Companies Work?

A timeshare exit company’s primary responsibility is to find a way to get out of your timeshare contract lawfully. These businesses offer an essential service to owners who no longer wish to maintain property ownership by helping them sell their timeshare. 

Purchasing a timeshare might result in a fantastic holiday option. On the other hand, their annual maintenance expenses may efficiently run into hundreds or even thousands of dollars, which is one reason individuals wish to eliminate them. 

Timeshare exit firms will often provide customers with two payment choices, depending on their case.

Better Alternatives

Another problem that timeshare owners face is when their attorneys try to conceal that other options are superior and cost less money. 

They could confuse you with legal jargon to give the impression that the only person qualified to cancel a timeshare correctly is a member of the legal profession. 

For instance, there are timeshare departure organizations whose exclusive focus every day is the cancellation of customers’ timeshare obligations. You can get the same service from trained professionals familiar with the sector, but they will charge you a much more reasonable fee. 

They can work with each person on how to approach their unique timeshare contract, and they even give assurances on the investment return. 

There are other preferable choices; you should avoid falling for the sophisticated legalese that asks you to pay more for the termination of your timeshare than is necessary. 

For example, timeshare exit firms gained their knowledge by practically working for other timeshare organizations. As a result, these companies are intimately familiar with the ins and outs of the entire timeshare cancellation procedure. 

The cancellation of a timeshare is only considered from a legal perspective by attorneys. The approach taken by timeshare exit firms is based on the bargaining principle. 

This leads to quicker results; it takes a timeshare cancellation business to terminate a contract around six to nine months, but it may take an attorney up to three years to do so.


You are looking at canceling your timeshare debt to free yourself from paying fees you do not want to pay and get a head start on your savings. Why would you choose a solution pushing you deeper into debt, maybe without letting you get out of the contract altogether? 

Although some lawyers may be able to offer flat rates that are competitive with those offered by timeshare exit businesses, these lawyers do not provide any promises that the timeshare will be terminated. This is a tough challenge to find a solution and not another gamble.

Inexperience is Common

Lawyers often work in a variety of professions, and there are very few that specialize exclusively in timeshare law. Timeshare debt cancellation is just one more method for which the law firm may bring cash. 

What qualifies an attorney to terminate your timeshare contract if most of their day is spent engaging in criminal law? You could see an advertisement claiming that the business is a “timeshare lawyer.” 

Still, in most cases, this is merely a targeted advertising method to generate more revenue. Be aware that someone with the job title of a lawyer is attempting to cancel your timeshare debt; the most critical factor in this process is experience, not a legal degree.


A timeshare is a contract that is legally binding and is challenging to break out of. Consider yourself fortunate if you own a timeshare with a resort developer that provides an exit program. Many other timeshare owners are forced to sell their properties on the resale market to get out of their contracts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I return my timeshare?

Due to the administration costs, maintenance fees, and transfer of ownership taxes, a timeshare firm will often only take back your contract or permit you to terminate the agreement if you incur additional payments. 

If the resort started allowing guests to hand back the timeshare weeks they had purchased, those guests would be responsible for paying the maintenance costs for the period in question.

Can I terminate my timeshare agreement?

Suppose the state where you bought your timeshare has a rescission period, and you choose no extended want to own your timeshare. 

In that case, you can cancel your timeshare agreement by sending the resort a letter via certified mail stating that you no longer wish to own the timeshare and that you no longer want to own it. The length of time for a rescission period is typically between three and five days.

How challenging is it to get out of a timeshare agreement?

Canceling the timeshare is simple, even if you change your mind about the purchase while still in the rescission period. 

You will be required to send a letter to the firm that owns the timeshare expressing your intentions to cancel and then deliver that letter before the deadline for rescinding your contract.

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