Finn Law Group Review (BBB and Cost)

Finn Law Group Review (BBB and Cost)

Finn Law review

Finn Law Group is a legal firm based in Largo, Florida that specializes in helping timeshare owners navigate the process of canceling their timeshare contracts. The firm, which was established in 2011, has a strong online presence and positive reviews from customers.

Upon visiting the Finn Law Group website, it is clear that the firm is a legitimate and reputable law firm. The website states that the firm has been providing “timeshare and consumer protection for over 45 years”, which is longer than the 2011 business incorporation date reported by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). However, this discrepancy may be due to the firm having worked under a different brand name in the past. They have a 4.91 rating and an A+ rating on the BBB.

Finn Law actually uses Lawyers

One of the key strengths of Finn Law Group is the transparency of the legal team. The website prominently displays the lawyers of the firm, which is a positive sign as many timeshare exit companies do not display the lawyers they work with on their website. This can be a concern as not working with lawyers is often a sign of a scam. However, the lawyers at Finn Law Group are all legitimate and licensed to practice law.

In addition to the legal team, Finn Law Group also offers a wealth of educational resources for timeshare owners on their website. The “Learning Center” section of the website features twelve pages of well-written and well-researched articles on various topics related to timeshare exits. This demonstrates that the firm has a deep understanding of the timeshare exit process and is able to provide valuable information to customers.

Finn Law Group Final Thoughts

One area where Finn Law Group’s website could be improved is in regard to their fee structure. While the website does not provide specific information on the cost of their services, it does recommend against paying an up-front fee to any timeshare exit or resale company. This is a good reminder as paying an up-front fee can be risky, as some companies may take the fee and then not deliver on their promises. We are advocates of transparency, we believe Finn Law Group seems legitimate. If you have any questions on any exit company, call us for more details 888-993-1109.

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