Client Protection Group Review

Client Protection Group Review

Client Protection Group, based in Costa Mesa, CA, has been in the timeshare exit space since 2016. With over 30 years of timeshare cancellation experience. Their team of experts can help any timeshare owner, whether you are in a vacation club, defaulting on your payments or with any major timeshare resort.

In the realm of timeshare exit, most companies tend to operate based on one of three primary strategies:

  1. Drafting persuasive letters to timeshare resorts to facilitate cancellation.
  2. Engaging a timeshare exit attorney to work on behalf of clients in the cancellation process.
  3. Utilizing industry connections to transfer the timeshare to a willing recipient.

What sets Client Protection Group apart from the competition is its approach, which incorporates all three of these timeshare exit strategies. This comprehensive strategy aims to provide timeshare owners with an effective and efficient path to exit their timeshare commitments.

Using all three strategies can prove beneficial because timeshare resort developers have become increasingly skilled at countering timeshare exit companies. Therefore, employing a combination of approaches often results in a faster and more reliable exit solution.

For instance, if you opt for a timeshare exit company that exclusively relies on attorneys, it may lead to higher costs and potentially longer delays. In contrast, a letter-based approach may be more cost-effective but is not always guaranteed to succeed. In cases where letters alone fail, it can lead to both wasted time and the need to explore alternative solutions.

Timeshare exit transfer companies, although effective, require substantial industry experience and connections to facilitate seamless transfers. With its ownership’s extensive industry knowledge and relationships, Client Protection Group is well-equipped to manage these transfers effectively. Furthermore, the company also employs letter campaigns and attorney representation, providing clients with a holistic approach to timeshare exit.

Client Protection Group Reviews

Reviews of Client Protection Group are largely positive, both on online platforms like Google and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Satisfied customers share their positive experiences, highlighting the company’s ability to assist those who have previously fallen victim to unscrupulous timeshare exit companies.

It’s important to note that there is one negative review from a potential client whom Client Protection Group couldn’t assist. However, the company’s selectivity in the cases it takes on helps avoid disappointment for clients facing challenging timeshare situations.

Client Protection Group Cost

Client Protection Group stands out by adhering to ethical pricing practices. The cost is not publicly disclosed, as it is determined based on the specific circumstances of each client’s timeshare situation. More complex cases may incur higher fees to account for the additional effort required.

In terms of payment, Client Protection Group offers an escrow payment option, ensuring that the company receives full payment only after successfully canceling a client’s timeshare. This payment structure provides clients with peace of mind and incentivizes the company to complete the process to their satisfaction.

In Summary

While Client Protection Group is a relatively new player in the timeshare exit industry, its commitment to ethical practices, comprehensive approach, and experienced ownership make it a compelling choice for those seeking relief from timeshare commitments. If you are interested in exploring their services, you can reach out to them for a free consultation by initiating a live chat on their website, making a phone call, or submitting a contact form on their site.

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